Behind Bella & Buddy

Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm the crazy animal lady as more commonly known. My daily life is dedicated to rescuing animals, fostering where necessary, helping the local shelters raise funds and gather needful supplies alongside spending oodles of time with my army of rescues.

About Bella & Buddy

I've loved and connected with animals since I was a child. Dog, donkey, frog or ant; I was always spending countless hours staring at them, trying to help them and bringing them home to keep safe.

I've grown up with dogs and cats my entire life, and always kept rescues/strays as my pets but after social media came into existence I started to get a dose of reality of how these animals are really treated. Being a part of several pet related groups, on a daily basis I saw animals being abused or being abandoned and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't act. So about 3 years ago I dived deep into animal rescue full time. It worked for me as I am a freelance web designer which gave me plenty of time to indulge my passion. 

I do my best to rescue and foster as many as possible but it's not always feasible financially, and for some time I reached out to my amazing support community who helped me fund my fosters, but I decided to start Bella & Buddy so I could self fund AND bring people amazing quality products that I swear by and have used myself for my beloved army of cats and dogs.

Almost everything in this eStore IS marked up significantly, in order to be self-sustaining and provide for the fosters and rescues that come my way and not asking for handouts. Simultaneously I also volunteer with the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation in Karachi and Todd's Welfare Society in Lahore and help them garner funds and supplies as and when needed by them. 

Meet the Furbabies

I currently home 6 dogs, 6 cats and 25 rescue cats with more always coming and going. Some of the dogs get adopted, some move to the ACF animal shelter and get funded by individuals to live a happy life at the shelter which ironically is a safer place than some homes 

Below you'll see photos of some of the dogs I've rescued and rehomed as well as my own furbabies; Bella, Buddy, Cupcake, Pixel, Nymeria, Ellie, Cupcake, Punchface, Sheldon, Nut, Thor, Winky & Monster